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Implant is an evolution of dental treatment. The primary use of dental implant are to support the lose of each tooth. Causing from gum disease, tooth caries or accident etc., Implant material made from titanium. An implant will be buried under the gum to make bones connected with an implant and make it to support denture, crown or bridges.

Advantages of implant

    1. Use instead of bridges so you don’t lose the dentin on the tooth beside.

    2. The bones won’t be lost after implant.

    3. Case of make implant to support removable dentures. It make dentures to attach to implant better and easier eating.

    4. Improved appearance. Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth.

Implant Procedure

    1. Consultation and treatment plan : To start an Implant, our specialist needs to diagnose the patient and conduct x-rays as well as analyze other related factors for each case.

    2. Bone Graft support (If Needed) : Bone graft is a surgical procedure that replaces missing bones in order to repair bone fractures that are extremely complex, pose a significant health risk to the patient and / or fail to heal properly.  In case of patients who don’t have enough bones elements to add the implant, our specialist will recommend patients to get a bone graft before an implant.

    3. Implant surgery : Our specialist will put an implant on each tooth and suture to close the wound then reschedule with specialists to remove after 7-14 days.

    4. Recuperate period : Wait 2-3 months (Depends on each individual case). The implant will combine with bone graft perfectly.

    5. Prosthodontics : After Implant is all healed, the specialist will make a crown, bridge or dentures via mold on tooth implant. Come back to revisit the specialist after 2 weeks to have a last stage of Implant (Insert crown on Implant.)


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