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Cool! Smile Dental Clinic Thailand (Group of Cool Smile)

We offers comprehensive high quality dental care services including specialized treatments : dental crown, dental bridge, dental veneer, dental implants, root canal treatment, periodontics, prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, laser tooth whitening, home bleaching, orthodontics or brace and regular dental check up.

Our goal is to provide you the optimal visit with certified dentists, dental specialists, attentive staffs and comfortable and cozy environment.

Also, at Cool! Smile Dental Clinic we treat hygiene and sterilization as the highest priority. Moreover as our clinic is equipped with a wide range of high quality and cutting edge technology including x-ray machine, this significantly results in quick and accurate diagnosis.


Why choosing Cool! Smile Dental Clinic?

Let's 'Refresh your smile by our care': We offer you an optimal visit under the cares of qualified dental specialist and highly-trained staffs.

We provide 'Hygienic dental care @ ease': We concerns on safe and clean sterilization procedures and processes in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

You 'Pay less for your great satisfaction': Affordable and reasonable price as well as care on individualizing and educating patient's on their treatments options and plan is what we provide.